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The district Lichtenberg is the 11th administration district of Berlin. In 2001 it arised from the fusion of the districts Lichtenberg and Hohenschönhausen, which belonged to former East Berlin.

Lichtenberg results from a combination of several historical villages and settlements, which have been independent from each other a long time.

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The actual village Lichtenberg, today also known as Old Lichtenberg, is just one of those settlements. Friedrichsfelde, Hohenschönhausen, Falkenberg and Malchow are also former villages. Altogether the district is made up on ten districts: Rummelsburg, Karlshorst, Friedrichsfelde, Fennpfuhl, Alt-Lichtenberg, Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Falkenberg, Wartenberg and Malchow.

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Lichtenberg and Hohenschönhausen is commonly associated with tower block settlements and neo-nazi-scene. However Lichtenberg means more than these prejudices.

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For example, Karlshorst is one of the most popular residential areas in Lichtenberg and has an increasing population. Many people have bought furnished flats or houses in the last few years. All in all about 260.000 people live in this district, where 16.7% of all residents are older than 65 and every 10th is attending school. Victoria City at Nöldnerplatz has been suffering a long time on fading population, but it's currently recovering and getting more attractive for younger people.

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The villages Falkenberg, Wartenberg and Malchow are situated on the outskirts of Berlin. These areas are popular for weekend trips.

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Moreover this, the most favourite destination and recreation area is Volkspark Lichtenberg or Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde which is visited by many tourist every year. Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde is one of the two zoos in Berlin and is with its size of 160 hectare Europe's biggest countryside zoo. Around 9.300 animals are kept in generous enclosures. In the last few years it got well-known because of its elephant breed.


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