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Spandau is together with Reinickendorf and Neukölln one of the three districts which haven´t been combined with other districts in 2001 during a local government reform.

The district is situated in Westberlin und is made up of 9 areas: Falkenhagener Feld, Gatow, Hakenfelde, Haselhorst, Kladow, Siemensstade, Spandau und Staaken. Staaken has around 40.000 residents in contrast to that Gatow has only 4.000 residents.

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With its utilities Spandau is an important economic location for Berlin. However it also has huge forest areas and lakes, which are popular for short trips.

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Old Town and the Citadel are especially impressing and historical worth seeing. The old renaissance fortress next to Havel river is very popular and every year it is visited by ten thousands of tourists. That´s why it´s also called the Citadel City.

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The Citadel gets a cultural-historical place where a lot of cultural facilities are located. The historical Old Town has a lot of half-timbered houses, which were rebuilt due to 2. World War. It still differs with its provincial flair from other shopping malls in Berlin. The most important building of Old Town is St. Nikolai-Church, because of its gothic hallchurch of the15th century. The oldest building of Spandau is the Gothic House in which an art gallery and an information point for cultural events are located.

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However the good situation of Old Town has changed in the past few years. Since 2001 retail and business around Old Town have strong competitors like Spandau Arcades with 125 stores.
Only during Christmas time, when Europes biggest Christmas Market takes place in the Old Town, stores are running well.

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Don't forget that Spandau is not only Old Town! South of Heerstraße in rural areas like Gatow and Kladow old renovated furnished farmhouses and estates are situated. In both districts are a lot of federal employees living in former flats of allies. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall a lot of single family houses have been built with nice furnishing in Staaken. Because of excellent conditions at Spandau Lake the watercity was constructed on Island Eiswerder.


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