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The district Neukölln is one of the 8th administration districts of Berlin and consists 5 sectors: Britz, Buckow, Gropiusstadt, Neukölln and Rudow.

It is situated in Southeastern Berlin and borders to the districts Treptow-Köpenick, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Tempelhof-Schöneberg and to the rural district Dahme-Spreewald. With a size of 44.9 square kilometres it is one ofe the smallest districts of Berlin.

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At the moment around 304.000 people from over 165 nations live in Neukölln. The more you drive from northern-Neukölln to southern-Neukölln, it changes its flair. In North Neukölln a lot of people from different countries live close together in old furnished buildings. On Karl-Marx-Straße, Hermannstraße and Sonnenallee, which are the biggest shopping streets in Neukölln, many Arabian shops, Asian markets, Thai restaurants, Turkish hair-dresser, vegetables markets and kebab shops are located next to each other.

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Especially in spring and summer there is a lot of action on the streets. Children play on sidewalks until late night and older people meet each other in parks, streetcorners or in one of the various Arabian or Turkish cafés.

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In contrast to that South Neukölln with Rudow, Buckow and Britz are more quiet and affected by single family houses and big residential areas with many tower blocks. One of those settlements, called “Gropiusstadt”, is especially known because of the book “We children of Zoo station”, written by Christiane F., who has grown up in this area. In these Southern sections are the Bohemian village, estates and Castle Britz as well as the oldest stone church of Berlin located.
The most well-known example for reform house building of the 20ies and 30ies is demonstrated in shape of a horseshoe designed by architect Bruno Taut.

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For creatives, artists and founder of new businesses the flair of Neukölln is inspiring. In the last few years many of them moved to Neukölln and opened their galleries and started living in furnished flats. The rents for big furnished accommodations and workspace are affordable so far. Young founder of businesses use vacant stores, others open small cafés and bars and organise many events. “48 hours of Neukölln”-festival yearly takes place in the district and offers outsiders the opportunity to be a part of the cultural development. However it´s also possible to discover art and culture in Neukölln beyound this festival.

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For example, the opera of Neukölln is one of the most productive music theatres of Berlin with around eight to ten new productions each season.
Neukölln also offers a lot of green oases like Hasenheide which is 50 hectar big and borders to Kreuzberg.


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